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Yellowgrape Berlin
Rudi-Dutschke-Strasse 23

DACH dominance from creative Kreuzberg

At the heart of Kreuzberg's artistic maze, Yellowgrape's Berlin hub, the beating heart of our DACH expansion strategies and plans, stands out. Nestled in an industrial warehouse within a bustling co-working space, this is where we push boundaries and bring our vision for growth in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to life. This place exudes “being in beta” and is an important core of our culture; a dynamic canvas on which we continuously rethink and reinvent our traditions, structures and spaces. This warehouse is versatile, challenging us every day to go off the beaten path and a passionate passion to embrace innovation.

Beating heart of creativity and technology

Kreuzberg, the bustling center of Berlin's creative and digital revolution, forms the vibrant backdrop for our branch. This neighborhood attracts marketing gurus, design visionaries, and tech startups like bees to honey, thanks to its energetic vibe and colorful community. Kreuzberg's raw, artistic flair is the spark for innovative thinking and makes it the ideal breeding ground for groundbreaking campaigns and digital innovations. It is this stimulating environment that encourages Yellowgrape to pioneer the industry.

A source of inspiration for innovation

Kreuzberg's vibrant agency culture is enriched by a mix of workshops, collaborative spaces and networking events. These places form a unique ecosystem where creative minds and tech professionals exchange ideas and bring groundbreaking projects to life. The symbiosis of historic charm and modern flair creates an inspiring setting for agencies that strive to break the limits of their field. Yellowgrape Berlin is a symbol of more than just an office; it's a springboard for creative and technological breakthroughs.

Rudi-Dutschke-Strasse 23
10969 Berlin

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