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At the core of our identity, we are an e-commerce agency driven by an unyielding passion for forecasting, crafting, and enhancing your e-commerce growth journey.


Strategy & Innovation

You seek us out for a coherent strategy where every element collaborates seamlessly. Synergy is crucial. Your business operations serve as the unifying theme. Our focus is consistently on achieving tangible growth objectives. The journey there is realistic, predictable, quantifiable, and enriched with cutting-edge technology and daring creativity.


Data & Intelligence

We excel in extracting and interpreting data. Leveraging this data, we predict and influence your customers' behavior and your business's growth. Instead of relying on one-size-fits-all solutions, we utilize our curated selection of top-tier, specialized tools.


Automation & Customer 360

We harness data to deeply personalize the customer journey, catering to both new and existing customers (focusing on retention). Seizing opportunities demands a robust blend of automation and creativity. All our actions align with the business model and form an integral part of a coherent growth strategy.


Full Funnel Marketing

In the sphere of full funnel marketing, we stand out as experts; adept at smart purchasing and managing traffic, it's a core part of who we are. We're passionate about data, cherishing measurable outcomes and predictability. Our reputation as a leading force in channel management is built on our consistent performance in optimizing returns. Excitingly, we've now advanced our approach even further. Expect enhanced control, increased growth, and greater success!


Design & CRO

Our strategy melds imaginative design with data accuracy, aiming for unparalleled conversion optimization. At Yellowgrape, we're revolutionizing the entire customer experience, extending beyond just the platform. By merging our comprehensive expertise with rigorous testing protocols, we craft or revamp websites. These sites aren't just visually appealing; they're exceptionally effective.


Organic Growth

The search engine revolution has arrived, now encompassing YouTube and TikTok, driven by AI and natural language processing. The focus has shifted from isolated keywords to content coherence. Yellowgrape is at the forefront with keyword clustering: our SEO approach that transcends Google. Through our market analyses and strategic planning, SEO has become more vital than ever. Intelligent strategy is crucial. Are you prepared for the future of SEO? We're already there!


DACH Expansion

Navigate the German market with finesse! Our germanizing approach is your hidden edge; a thoughtful blend of insightful market analysis, an ideal media mix, and tailored platform adjustments. Our germanizing experts help your brand feel at home. This is how your brand can succeed in Germany — with a strategy as genuine as a pretzel in a beer garden. Cheers to your future achievements!

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Our bold and quirky approach

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Each project starts with a solid plan and a carefully planned timeline. We attach great importance to these initial steps, so that we can then fully focus on what really matters to your company.



Think of us as your dedicated corporate therapists. Through joint discovery workshops, we dive deep into your challenges, target group, market dynamics and personality to uncover the core of your company.



Each project starts with a solid plan and a carefully planned timeline. We attach great importance to these initial steps, so that we can then fully focus on what really matters to your company.



Each project starts with a solid plan and a carefully planned timeline. We attach great importance to these initial steps, so that we can then fully focus on what really matters to your company.

Success simplified

Our audacious and distinctive approach

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At Yellowgrape, we're data archaeologists, meticulously peeling back the layers of your customer data to unearth insights that serve as the foundation for an unbeatable e-commerce strategy. Our focus spans acquisition and retention, platform optimization, seasonality, and assessing the quality of traffic and channel mix. Our analysis crafts a strategy as precise and brilliant as a diamond.



Our forecasts are derived not just from market insights and trends but also from the extensive history of your platform and customer data. For each channel, we craft a comprehensive forecast plan, predicting traffic and linking growth potential directly to your sales goals. This plan serves as your roadmap, guiding you through the future landscape with a clear vision of traffic and growth.



We prepare your platform and digital landscape for a journey to the summit, utilizing the strategic plan and forecast as our compass. We meticulously review our technical checklist, integrate cutting-edge tools, and open up new channels. With unwavering determination, we tackle the KPIs and steadfastly bring the growth plan to life. No detours, only forward momentum — your climb to success begins here.



During the conversion phase, we establish a steadfast alliance between our team and yours. Together, we breathe life into the strategy and forecast, with an intense focus on the predefined KPIs. Our collective expertise fuels every action, enabling us not only to complement but also to fortify one another. Continuous evaluations guarantee that we remain aligned with our desired success. Together, we turn ambition into reality.

Skyrocket your business growth

E-commerce is revolutionizing business growth in a manner far surpassing the intuition-based marketing of yesteryears. Those who master the intricacies of this domain can forecast, steer, and accelerate growth to unprecedented levels. This is our expertise at Yellowgrape. We blend technological prowess with creative brilliance to drive rapid expansion.

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Boasting a team of more than 45 e-commerce specialists, we cater to a diverse clientele. The value we place on our customer relationships is paramount, a testament to why many have remained with us for years. This is a source of immense pride for us!