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Automation & Customer 360

Evolution of the customer journey: From linear to limitless

A customer used to get on their bikes and drive to your store because they needed something. Checkout, goodbye, hopefully next time — how linear do you want it to be? The contrast with e-commerce couldn't be greater. If something characterizes the modern customer's journey, it's true that it's non-linear. The customer has endless options to decide how and when they come into contact with your shop or brand.

Customer 360

It might seem complex, but at Yellowgrape, we view it as brimming with potential. The evolution from broad, mass communication to tailored personalization is where a data-centric organization thrives - and that's our forte. By harnessing data, we craft comprehensive customer profiles, mapping out the entire journey to pinpoint precisely where and when opportunities emerge. This is our essence of Customer 360.

Aim your arrows

Customer 360 provides insights into the desires of both new and existing customers, their current phase, and preferred channels. The key lies in responding adeptly. This demands a blend of creativity, strategic planning, and robust marketing automation. Yet, the irreplaceable ingenuity of flesh-and-blood marketers, brimming with solid ideas, remains crucial. A significant advantage over the past is the newfound clarity on where to direct your focus.

The customer is everywhere

The customer is omnipresent, making clarity not just a luxury but a necessity in today's intricate landscape. Our targeting strategy extends well beyond the confines of online store. We cast our net across all customer touchpoints: paid channels, email, WhatsApp, social media, and out-of-home experiences. The customer is everywhere, and we possess the know-how to engage them with the perfect trigger, at the ideal moment, in the exact place.

Remember this

We harness data to deeply personalize the customer journey, catering to both new and existing customers (focusing on retention). Seizing opportunities demands a robust blend of automation and creativity. All our actions align with the business model and form an integral part of a coherent growth strategy.

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