What legacy do we intend to establish?

Since 2014, Yellowgrape has experienced a meteoric rise, a journey we've shared with numerous clients. Our passion for growth is matched only by our commitment to accountability. Growth is our guiding principle, our relentless pursuit.

Yet, even as we surge forward, we recognize the importance of pausing to reflect. The landscape of growth is evolving, driven by a universal recognition that true, sustainable growth must harmonize with positive impacts on a global scale - affecting both the planet and its people. At Yellowgrape, we've encapsulated this philosophy in our Profit & Impact approach. Our goal is to craft this into a robust, vibrant legacy.


Every day, we gather with an incredible group of individuals - skilled, passionate, and inspired. Naturally, we aim for our work to transcend mere annual figures! Remember, adopting a holistic approach to Profit & Impact is becoming an essential aspect of savvy business practice. The business community, in particular, is wholeheartedly embracing this shift. To achieve sustainable growth, mastering sustainable business practices is key.


For Yellowgrape, Profit & Impact encompasses a wide spectrum. It involves the effect on our living environment (sustainability, energy usage, raw material consumption), the influence on individuals everywhere, the extent of active social involvement, and the way companies and organizations treat their own team members. Ambitious? Perhaps, but it's really just about adopting civilized and responsible practices. Practices that let you face your children with pride.


For the coming years, we've outlined a series of specific actions and initiatives to truly push our limits, recognizing that real value is found in action, not merely in intentions.


By the end of 2024, we will achieve CO2 neutrality.


Starting in 2021, we will allocate 1% of our revenue to NGOs in the form of service hours.


Businesses and organizations practicing sustainable and ethical operations are eligible for a 20% discount on our standard rates.


Maintaining our recognition as a Great Place to Work remains a priority. Yellowgrape is proud to be included, where everyone is welcomed into the family.


Every day, we engage in meaningful discussions with passionate entrepreneurs. These conversations, where we explore new horizons together, are arguably the highlight of our work. For us, these discussions often revolve around Profit & Impact. We delve into the prospects for sustainable growth, strategies for staying ahead of the competition, and, importantly, what brings you joy. What legacy do you aim to leave behind?

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Rik van den Wijngaard

Founder & Creative Director

Gijsje Wissenburg

Co-founder & People Culture Director