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DACH Expansion

Market domination? Aber natürlich!

Embark on a journey of boundless opportunities with our DACH specialists guiding you every step of the way. Germany, the epicenter of Europe's consumer landscape, together with the German-speaking populace of Austria and Switzerland, presents a rich terrain for your expansion. Allow us to navigate you through a digital marketing strategy as meticulous and impactful as German engineering, custom-crafted for this distinct market. Seize the chance to partner with us in mastering the DACH region.

A strategy as unique as the German market

The German media landscape stands out - diverse and unique. Interestingly, 70% of Germans turn to price comparison websites for online shopping, a stark contrast to the less common trend in the rest of Europe. The purchasing behavior of the German consumer is distinct. Our goal is to elevate your brand, ensuring it resonates deeply with German culture. We offer not just a detailed traffic forecast but also a tailored media mix, meticulously designed to align with this unique customer journey.

Your platform, Germanyproof

The subsequent move is to refine your platform for the German market. We thoroughly assess your webshop and devise a strategic blueprint to guarantee that your platform integrates flawlessly with our DACH expansion strategy.

Germanizing: An authentic experience

Crafting a genuine brand experience transcends mere visibility; it involves embedding your platform effortlessly into the German market. Our dedication lies in fully "Germanizing" every aspect of your presence, from the overarching customer journey down to the minutest details of your online store. This entails a comprehensive review and adaptation of your platform to deliver an authentic German user experience. Your brand will not only gain recognition but will also establish itself as a trusted entity within the German market.

The process for German success

In the initial phase, we immerse ourselves in the essence of your brand, preserving the components that drive its success, and adapt them for the German market. We conduct a thorough analysis and enhancement of your platform and marketing approach, crafting a strategy that aligns with our DACH expansion goals and the unique requirements of German consumers. After establishing a solid foundation, the true challenge commences. Our approach, rooted in data, is bolstered by local insights into the German market. From this point forward, our attention shifts to continuous monitoring, experimenting, and refining to pinpoint the optimal strategy for your brand.


Navigate the German market with finesse! Our germanizing approach is your hidden edge; a thoughtful blend of insightful market analysis, an ideal media mix, and tailored platform adjustments. Our germanizing experts help your brand feel at home. This is how your brand can succeed in Germany — with a strategy as genuine as a pretzel in a beer garden. Cheers to your future achievements!

Cross the border?

The following crucial question then arises: Is your company prepared?

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