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E-commerce is revolutionizing business, far surpassing the traditional marketing tactics of the past. Those who master this arena can forecast, steer, and amplify growth to unprecedented levels. That's our expertise at Yellowgrape. We blend technological prowess with creative brilliance to catalyze rapid expansion. How? By making data actionable. We sift the essential from the extraneous, directing a flow of highly targeted traffic. While not every visitor converts, we capitalize on every opportunity. Typically, we see a significant uptick in conversions shortly after beginning.

Data management and creativity are intertwined in our approach. Through a combination of strategic actions and engaging design, we create comprehensive customer profiles that really hit the mark. Our personalized experiences have won awards, but the ultimate prize is your satisfaction: delighted customers who return time and again, finding exactly what they seek. This is the formula for explosive growth.

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Another benefit of partnering with Yellowgrape is the scalability of our strategies across Europe. Many of our clients are already thriving in international markets, while others are pleasantly surprised by how achievable expansion can be. We relish the opportunity to share our insights. Let's have some fun together!

Profit & Impact

Yellowgrape is convinced that sustainable and equitable business models represent the future. We also believe in their importance; after all, isn't your business about more than just profit? In the years ahead, we aim to explore with our clients how growth and positive impact can mutually enhance one another. We refer to this synergy as Profit & Impact.

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At Yellowgrape, we're data archaeologists, meticulously peeling back the layers of your customer data to unearth insights that serve as the foundation for an unbeatable e-commerce strategy. Our focus spans acquisition and retention, platform optimization, seasonality, and assessing the quality of traffic and channel mix. Our analysis crafts a strategy as precise and brilliant as a diamond.



Our forecasts are derived not just from market insights and trends but also from the extensive history of your platform and customer data. For each channel, we craft a comprehensive forecast plan, predicting traffic and linking growth potential directly to your sales goals. This plan serves as your roadmap, guiding you through the future landscape with a clear vision of traffic and growth.



We prepare your platform and digital landscape for a journey to the summit, utilizing the strategic plan and forecast as our compass. We meticulously review our technical checklist, integrate cutting-edge tools, and open up new channels. With unwavering determination, we tackle the KPIs and steadfastly bring the growth plan to life. No detours, only forward momentum — your climb to success begins here.



During the conversion phase, we establish a steadfast alliance between our team and yours. Together, we breathe life into the strategy and forecast, with an intense focus on the predefined KPIs. Our collective expertise fuels every action, enabling us not only to complement but also to fortify one another. Continuous evaluations guarantee that we remain aligned with our desired success. Together, we turn ambition into reality.

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